Containers Dry Storage

Humidity climate Control systems

Air humidity is one of the main factors for all materials erosion. High levels of relative humidity (RH) damages almost any type of material leading to severe effects such as mold, damp, rot, rust, and other unwanted effects of humidity once controlled would. To avoid deterioration and damage of products or to maintain optimum preservation conditions, indoor climate must often be within certain temperature and humidity limits.

Knolltech-Dry Storage for Containers

Our Dry Storage solutions for containers obtain combination of innovative heavy textile and a humidity control systemwith dehumidifiers.

Installed in standard containers (20' or 40')

Mobile dry storage
Applicable products & Industries:
  1. Shipping Industry
  2. Ocean freights
  3. Trucks shipment and delivery
  4. Automotive
  5. Textiles shipping
  6. Microchip and computer shipping
  7. Pharmaceuticals shipping
  8. military & heavy industry purposes
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