Dehumidifier DSR 20

Key Features:

Integrated de freezing system, using hot gas for extreme low Temperatures.

Automatic humidity control sensor.

Drain tube.

Low energy consumption.

ecological gas R407c.

Main Uses:

Dry storage in Extreme climate conditions

Museums and libraries.


Humidity control at Laundry rooms.

Dehydration of newly refurbished or constructed residential.

Rehabilitation of water damage.

Preservation and acceleration of building process and materials at construction sites.

Electric power:

230V / 1PH/ 50Hz.

Technical specifications:

The possibility of spreading through the air canals

Power consumption: 3000 W (30C, 70%RH)

Air Flow: 1500 m³/h

The noise:70 db

Temperature (Standard version): -5C…+45C

Relative humidity: 35-99%

The amount of water extinguished: 108 to / in 24 hours (30C, 70%RH)

Weight: 80 kg

Size: 677*500*677


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