Modular Rigid & Heavy Construction Tunnels


• Optimal technology solutions for long and short-term storing periods

• Preserving vehicles, equipment and else in Humidity controlled conditions for long maintenance-free


• Electronic dehydration and dehumidification

• Storing Applications: External Internal, Mobile

Dry storage for weapons, armored battle vehicles

(Tanks and other equipment) Guidelines

• Dry Storing for maintenance-free period of 12 years, and
tri-annual inspection only

• Dry Storing adjusted to required battle-readiness and alert levels

• Dry Storing considerations will apply also for Communication equipment, weapons, ammunitions, field ratios etc.

Dry storage for weapons, armored battle vehicles

(and Non-Explosive Missiles) Highlights

• Storing is according to manufacturer specifications

• Training local staff

• Computerized follow-up and control-systems for humidity, temperature, batteries voltage etc.

• Supplying written procedures for ongoing maintenance activities and "going out for battle".

Multipurpose modular tunnel

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