Post Command Tents

KNOLLTECH- Post Command Tents

Made out of combination of light metal construction and unique advanced textile fabrics and technology.
We design and manufacture a large variety of tents for both military and civilian purposes.
Our tents are modular and tailored in specific size and requirements according to the customers needs.
Among our customers for our specialty tailored command tents are : National defense forces such as police, fire department, national medical mission units and the IDF.
Advanced textile technology
Designed for military and special mission purposes
Large sizes and flexibility
Fast and easy deployment
Lightweight, enabling easy transportation.

Resistance to extreme climate conditions (winds up to 90km/Hr)

Main purpose

Our mission command post tents are used mainly for emergency events ,special opts units/ leaders and scene commanders during security events and different defense forces unique events such as military, firefighting events, police etc. These emergency events usually require isolation and sterile environmental tents for the use of leading communications equipment such as com radios, computers and monitors. Insulation around the outdoor tent is crucial in preventing the penetration of sunlight, which can interfere with computer monitors reading. In addition, the tents provide weather resistance and resistance to threats such as heavy rains and winds.

Why our tents?

As we all know, some emergencies can always take longer time than expected (e.g. hospital tents in the earthquake disaster in Nepal), therefore there is importance to durability and resistance of the tents in all conditions. In many rescue organizations often it is always a battle between acquiring cheaper equipment for fast response or investing in a long term quality products. Leaders & policymakers are measured in their future vision for purchasing quality equipment which proves itself.

:(Sizes offered (in meter

1.5X1.5m, 2X2m, 3X3m, 3X4.5m, 5X5m, 3X6m

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