Product Development



Understanding our customer’s needs with testing of production facility: HVAC(-Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system), water vapor level in the air and humidity levels in changing temperatures.

Knolltech’s developing process

  1. Understanding and characterizing customer needs
  2. Terrain characterization
  3. Modulation engineering- Developing experimental model, pilot
  4. Creating optional designs
  5. Product testing on the field
  6. production

Knolltech's Developing Process

starts from the early phase of System Requirements Review (SRR) process through the System Design Review (SDR), Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR), Production Readiness Review (PRR), through Test Readiness Review (TRR), System Acceptance Review (SAR), operational Readiness Review (ORR) and finally to the Flight Readiness Review (FRR).

Production Line

Most recently the Company acquired a new, large production factory leaving us today with two major production facilities operated independently with 2 Factory managers. Our 2 main production lines are: 1. Production and Assembly Line for our De-humidifiers for dry storage including A.C systems designed to operate in H.F range. 2. Framing & Welding Department for Tents and Specialty textile structures including sawing departments, Aluminum, and installation department.

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